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What is the TRUE meaning of Valentine's Day?

The Legend of Saint Valentine.

The history of Valentine's Day. It's February already...time flies. ALL of US celebrate this Day of Romance. You may not know it, however this joyous occasion is both a Christian and an ancient Roman tradition.

But who was Saint Valentine, and how did he become associated with this ancient rite?

Truth be told, some say he was a priest in Rome. Long ago, Emperor Claudius II insisted that great soldiers were of single status. He was opposed to them marrying. Valentine secretly continued to wed young couples in love against Claudius's wished. Once his services were exposed, he was sentenced to Death! When he was captivated, the Whimsical Valentine fell in love with a young lady who often visited him while confined in his jail cell. He sent his Sweetheart a Love Letter and signed it "FROM YOUR VALENTINE". As caliginous as the story may be, he was known to be a heroic romantic figure and the MOST POPULAR Saint in many countries.

Origins of this Holiday - Pagan Festival

St. Valentine's FEAST DAY was acknowledged to enrich the Pagan Celebration of Lupercalia (the fertility festival for the Gods; Faunus, Romulus and Remus) in an effort to encourage Christianity. During the festivities some animals were sacrificed and a simple touch from a women believed to make them more fertile. Consequently, placing their names in an urn as they anxiously awaited to be chosen by a bachelor in hopes of marriage.


  1. It is estimated that over 1 BILLION Valentine's Day Cards are sent each year. This Occasion is the second largest Card-sending holiday of the year. Of course, Christmas is first.

  2. In the 1700's Hand Made Valentines were made and by the 1840's the First Mass-Produced Valentines Day Card was created!

  3. Women purchase 85% of ALL Valentines!


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