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The Power of a Positive Attitude

Things happen, it's OK. I've been there... chances are, so have you or you will be.

It may not begin as the perfect day that you originally planned. You stayed up late to accomplish those last minute To-Do's that you didn't get completed yesterday and hit snooze too many times on that alarm clock this morning. Did you spill your coffee or burn your toast? Frustrated, flustered and rushed to get that door. Maybe you forgot an important item on the way out, your wedding planner by chance!

Yes, those things happen and to the BEST of us! From that point on, that makes your day the way it is....but does it? Don't let it define you! Those emotions, your feeling are taking over, BREATH and continue to carry on. You have control!

INSTEAD - Smile, laugh, let it be! There was this article I read and the true meaning stuck with me. In print it said "Life is 10% what happens to you and 90% how you react to it."

Don't stress about the small things in life that go wrong. Life doesn't have to be perfect to Enjoy it. Every essential sector of that MUST DO list, will eventually be completed entirely, one by one. Stop stressing, trust me it takes off years of your life. Relax, unwind, do what makes you happy. Somewhere in that busy schedule, take some time to think of you. I love to run! Thats what I do. It helps me to take my mind off of the hurtles and struggles faced throughout the week. Take a look at that beautiful blue sky or indulge in Ice Cream. Cookie Dough of course! Listen to your favourite music - create a new playlist. Another setback that you encounter..... no problem, use it as stepping stone and MOVE ON!


If you don't like something, you can change it or ultimately change your way of thinking about it. Stay focused! Live to the fullest and think positive. It makes you a stronger and more confident person. It will get better if it is not already. We learn from of life's precious lessons!

One thing to Remember, when you think your life isn't so Wonderful there is always someone else who truly lives a life of struggle. For this reason, we need to be kind and thankful. We need to smile and enlighten others, especially for those who look past you. Control those circumstances and bring the best in that situation. Don't judge! Be humorous, I try to. What is the worst that could happen? See the best in everyone. Most importantly, Forgive! You can do it.

Life is genuinely a Blessing that we take for granted.

Everything will be ok. Make today your day!


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