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Wedding Coordinator vs. Venue Coordinator

Most often when discussing my services to potential clients, I receive this response...



Then I begin to explain the difference between the two roles! MUST READ!


Most venue coordinators and catering managers are happy to handle basic on-site logistics and simple set ups, like arranging escort cards or placing menu cards at each setting. Although their allegiance ultimately is to their employer, most often they do not have time to tend to the little details which are the most important for your big event. Their priorities, to note a few; include promptness of the delivery of your meal, making sure that the bar is stocked with the selections contracted and that your guests wine glasses are filled and prepped toast after toast. Truthfully, these individuals work extremely hard to ensure 100% satisfaction! They are behind the scenes in the kitchen, on the grounds and running around the entire venue making absolutely sure that onsite duties are adhered to one by one.


WHO is other person in charge of the DJ, making sure he or she is playing the right songs as requested by the couple?

Who makes sure there are backup pens/markers for the guest book or that the wedding party is lined up in the proper order for the introductions in the reception hall?

What about the All the Wedding Gifts? Where do they go and are they secured in a safe location?

So many details....but the most important item is peace of mind knowing that there will be someone onsite by your side each step of the way. Did you know that a properly planned WEDDING or EVENT should include a timeline, a completed itinerary and should be confirmed upon vendors prior to the actual event? Now lets explain the role of a WEDDING PLANNER/COORDINATOR....


A PLANNER'S duties include the following;

- Complete event design

-Helps determine and manage your budget

-Venue selections

-Vendor referrals and negotiates contracts

-Reserves Room Blocks

-Arranges for Transportation

-Reviews all contracts

-Organizes all details

-Creates a Timeline

-Confirms finalized itinerary with all associated vendors

- Addresses any overlooked details

-Resolves any conflicts or issues that arise

-Is the Liaison between all parties

-Plus much more....

An EVENT COORDINATOR'S oversees everything on the Wedding Day and is logistically focused.

Their duties include the following;

-Running the rehearsal

-Makes sure everyone adheres to the timeline

-Handles all issues that arise with grace, providing and implementing an ultimate solution

-Is A TEAM LEADER - Manages all vendors

-Executes your vision on site, as planned in a timely manner!!!

This is a skill that a many can learn,

but only the BEST PLANNERS have the years of

Experience and Credentials that set them above the rest!!

As a PROFESSIONAL Wedding Planner,

I work in coordination with ANY onsite Manager or Venue Coordinator

to ensure the Event runs smoothly!

I have so many wonderful experiences and have gained long lasting friendships over the years working with some of theses individuals. TOGETHER....we learn from each other & share the same GOAL - to provide a successful and memorable event for our clients.

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