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Common Pitfalls of Wedding Planning

There will be so many decisions within planning your wedding, BIG & Small

  1. Creating a Budget

  2. Overall Design of your event

  3. Deciding upon the Perfect Venue

These are some of the FEW DECISIONS involved. It's not unusual to FALL into some of the PITFALLS of wedding planning.

You can AVOID these 15 PITFALLS listed below. It begins with being AWARE of them;

1. First off, RESPECT your Own Opinion and vision....think of you!

I am sure you hit the "SAVE" button more than a few times on Pinterest or tore out many pages from the many magazines that you purchased, or bookmarked several blogs.... the list goes on.

You envision your event slightly or to the fullest. Formal black-tie evening affair or possibly a more casual daytime cocktail party. What is most important to you? The dinner, music, horse drawn carriage leading you to your man as you prepare to say your vows? Take all of these ideas and make it a REALITY! Be strong, DO not allow someone to alter your view or wishes for your BIG event. Work within your budget to bring your design and intricate details to life, ALL of them if possible. This will make it much easier to deliver your own personal will be YOU!

Suggestion based on personal experience

Begin your planning on a good note and create an accurate Budget...this will avoid the OVERDUES!

2. Always CONSIDER your guests.

Some of your friends and family will likely travel, and at considerable expense to attend your wedding. They will also be purchasing new attire and be generously giving a gift for you the newly married couple. It's courteous of you to ensure they are comfortable. Provide transportation to and from the ceremony and reception if need be. You can include and have a WELCOME basket delivered to their hotel rooms with some basics, like drinks and snacks. If they intend to arrive prior to the evening of your rehearsal dinner include them in the plans and / or group activities. They will appreciate your thoughtfulness!

3. Select the FORMALITY of your event and venue BEFORE purchasing your Wedding Gown Having a vision and knowing the formality of your BIG EVENT is a must. It will allow you to coordinate accordingly and yes this includes your Wedding Gown. If you've picked the perfect place for your wedding, that place says something about your taste, personality and style. That PERFECT dress that flatters your body will also flatter your wedding location. Trust me, this will be your most exhilarating purchase!

A Trumpet style dress with a sweetheart neckline is a romantic choice for an elegant vineyard wedding.

A Ballroom gown is a very traditional gown which compliments a more traditional venue such as hotel ballrooms and museums.

4. Announcing your ENGAGEMENT Remember your engagement is SPECIAL and this BIG NEWS should be shared with your family and closest friends first, preferably in person, before it is shared all over SOCIAL MEDIA. Once this step is completed, be sure to THANK all the well- wishers.

5. You OVERLOOK the thought of hiring a Wedding Planner- OH BOY!!

Do you know when it is the most stressful time in the WEDDING PLANNING PROCESS? For most it is the Month leading up to your Big Day. That's when many unexpected issues or concerns arise, leaving some brides sorting out spreadsheets instead of connecting with friends and family. Avoid this by investing in the PARTIAL PLANNING PACKAGE or even the MOST POPULAR PACKAGE that I offer, the ""DAY OF WEDDING COORDINATION". That Extensive Itinerary for your DAY will be finalized with all the specifics, including ALL vendor confirmations. Your TEAM will be ready to perform in a timely manner as planned!

6. Social Media and YOUR Wedding

You are getting ENGAGED in the age of SOCIAL MEDIA. Instagram, Snapchat, and ones come into existence quite often. Chances are your guests will understand if you ask them to avoid taking pictures during your ceremony or posting. They want to SHARE the festivities but be careful on your limitations.

WORD OF ADVICE - If you choose to be strict per say, alternatively you can somewhat control with this simple solution... SEE PICTURE

7. What to do with TIME in-between the Ceremony and Reception?

If your ceremony and reception are at different venues, do your best to minimize the in-between time, which may leave guests with nothing to do. If a large time gap is inevitable, make sure they have the option of being entertained by planning an outing or setting up a hospitality lounge, with drinks and snacks especially at the hotel where they will be staying.

8.You feel obligated to style with an UPDO

Stay within your comfort zone. If you have never worn an UPDO a day in your life, don't try it on your wedding day. It's your day, so feel graceful and beautiful. You many prefer simple waves or glamorous curls. I highly suggest a complete hair trial at LEAST once. It is worth the $. Take pictures and note any adjustments necessary.

A thought if I may - FIND the right hairstyle that corresponds to your gown.

9. It is necessary to FEED your Vendors

Please, please.....I tell my clients ALL the time, plan on feeding any hired hands who will be working hard the day of your event, especially during your reception. The last thing you want on your wedding day is a low-energy DJ or an exhausted photographer. This also includes your WEDDING PLANNER, videographer, possibly the band, and any assistants. TRUST ME - they will appreciate it!!!

**Many vendors stipulate in the contract that the couple is to provide a meal.

10. AVOID sending your THANK YOU NOTES out too Late!

Here is a typical Guideline;

  • Any gifts received for the engagement party or shower, send a thank-you within two to three weeks

  • For gifts sent before the wedding date, send a card as soon as possible but definitely before the wedding

  • Gifts that may be given on the wedding day itself, mail a thank-you note within three months

  • Lastly, if you receive gifts after your wedding, kindly send a thank you note within two to three weeks

A little guidance on Proper Etiquette - Hand written thank you cards are much more appreciated and NO they are not outdated. Just REMEMBER that an Imperfect Letter that comes with a heartfelt sentiment is BETTER than a perfect note that was never written!

11. Plan on GREETING all of your Guests

Today nothing is set in stone. Every wedding is unique in its own way, as is each and every couple! If you cringe on the thought of standing in a long RECEIVING LINE, then simply forgo the idea. Instead, make it a point to circulate among the reception tables after dinner. Schedule it in that Wedding Day TIMELINE.

The KEY is to keep moving, don't get HELD UP at one table for too long.

12. Reception LAYOUT ...Its ok to change things up :)

Of all the countless weddings you've attended, chances are the overall table design were round and pretty standard. So how about ADDING some personality by changing it up. I can guarantee that any space looks more interesting when each table is different. How about alternating round, square, and rectangular tables? Fun, fun!

13. Open-mindedness - Finding that Perfect DRESS

How exciting? It's finally that ONCE IN A LIFETIME Experience....Wedding Dress Shopping!!! There are so many GORGEOUS wedding dresses on the market and while we are spoiled rotten for the boundless amount of choices, sometimes having lots of options can actually make things MORE difficult. The key to getting it right is finding the ideal silhouette for your figure. If you nail this, then dress shopping becomes a dream! A perfect example; fit-n-flare is both contemporary and traditional and works on many body types, whereas a simple sheath is best on tall brides. A Bridal Specialist is knowledgable with guiding you to finding your perfect GOWN.

HINT- Call that Bridal Boutique and schedule your appointment first thing in the morning AND don't forget your camera.

14.FLORAL Research

Be sensible in choosing the PERFECT flower or arrangement to incorporate into your big day. There are many details involved with this process. It requires careful planning. Contemplate the various needs; before you make your selection. A Few considerations include; TEMPERAMENT, SEASON and FRAGRANCE. PEONIES, one of my favourites may be cost-prohibitive if you are getting married when they are not in season. Consider the HOT summer sun and are these flowers hardy? Gardenias, lilies of the valley, and hydrangeas for example may wilt and require water constantly throughout the day. Lilies are very fragrant and can definitely overpower food, therefore, do not include them in a centrepiece on your Reception Table. If you must have them, carry them in your bouquet. FLOWERS will enhance the beauty of your wedding AND create a picture perfect setting for your celebration!

15. LASTLY, don't forget to HAVE FUN!

Enjoy & Embrace all the memorable moments...they will pass by very quickly.

Ask yourself, what is the real reason we are doing all of this? Keep things in perspective. It's all about starting your NEW life together, so make sure to set up the right foundation for a joyous future! Remember, it's just ONE DAY IN THE JOURNEY!

Bye for now.

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