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The BUDGET! Tips for the Newly Engaged Couple as you begin the Ultimate Checklist

The AMBITIOUS element of the Planning Process!

It's not the most enjoyable part of planning, however, it is the MOST important that needs special attention right from the go..... Lets face it, your wedding budget affects ALL OF YOUR Wedding CHOICES.

Whether your budget is $8,000 or $80,000, you still need to be wise with allocating funds. Think carefully about where and how you spend your money. The goal is to avoid overspending and keep it under control! YOU CAN DO IT!

Here are some generous tips on budgeting;

  1. Get ORGANIZED! This will definitely help. If it's on paper you will see the reality of what you are able to spend and this will make it easier for you to stay within budget. Include every item and more on that spreadsheet. Examples;postage, alterations and gratuities. It is extremely advisable to Over Budget than Under Budget. In addition, columns should contain a Projected Budget and an Actual heading to compare.

  2. LEARN about the logistics of how much a wedding costs.... once you realize the style and size you wish to have RESEARCH what's is in your area.

  3. Be sensible, realistic and start to PRIORITIZE. What are the areas you would like to allocate more funds to? Reception Meal possibly? This would include designating half of your budget, leaving the remainder to be dispersed in the other areas.

  4. WHO's PAYING? Where are the funds coming from? Both you and your fiancé? It's time to observe your there any savings to build on? OR are you starting a fresh savings account? There may be FAMILY MEMBERS who would like to assist. If so, it is a good decision to begin discussing ASAP. Never assume! But ALWAYS appreciate! *Warning - those who provide funds may hope to have a say in determining where and how the money should be allocated. IF you are opposed to this scenario then you may want to decline their generosity. My opinion, compromise....there is always an IN-BETWEEN :)

  5. Stay FOCUSED! Once your overall design has been identified, you will be able to disburse funds appropriately without over spending. My advice to you - select a THEME and stick to it! Collect lots of pictures and ideas suited just for your BIG DAY. Your transactions should not steer away from this vision... you will thank me, I am sure!

  6. And LASTLY, remember to UPDATE that spreadsheet frequently, keeping a close eye on your finances. This will allow yourselves to feel unruffled (per say) and more at ease knowing your current revenue.

Budgeting shouldn't be frightful, it should be Beneficial ! The first step is creating it, the second is implementing it.

I HOPE you found this Post to be Useful.....

If you require any assistance in answering questions or concerns or to simply develop an appropriate budget JUST for you, please do not hesitate to contact me. I would be Delighted to do so!

ENJOY your DAY and Happy Planning!


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