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How do we Choose the PERFECT Wedding Planner, thats fit for Us?


In hiring the Most Valuable TEAM MEMBER for your Big Event, you must consider your true inner feelings.

Ask yourselves the following TEN questions;

  1. Does this Wedding Planner present herself/himself in a professional manner and is respected within in the Wedding Industry?

  2. Do we feel comfortable with this planner?

  3. Is he/she a good listener?

  4. Does one of the packages offered, suit our needs?

  5. What is the Planners response time?

  6. Is this planner accommodating to our requests?

  7. Are we able to express ideas and concerns freely?

  8. Does this Planner understand our thoughts and our vision?

  9. Are we receiving positive feedback to any and all of our concerns?

  10. Do we trust this Planner to handle all of the details for the Big Day?

Keep in mind, you will be hosting the Largest financial Event of your LIFETIME!

Efficient and productive planning is crucial to the SUCCESS of your Wedding Day Celebration!

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