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Current TRENDS and your Wedding Day Event... How do they connect?

What are the current Trends and how do they play such a big role in my wedding? You may ask.

Did you just recently become engaged? Are you possibly overwhelmed with so many details within the planning process? Questioning, where do I begin ... there are so many ideas and visions, so much out there. Your simply confused! It's ok. Take a deep breath....let me explain that connection to you.

Trends are so important in how they influence your big day. They are a documentations of progress. Current trends allow you to connect and cater to your desires and needs. They guide you. To me, basically, they organize your visions allowing you to focus in one direction to complete one "TO DO" on your checklist - The Overall Design of your Event!

Where do they stem from? Truly, they are influenced by art, fashion, interior design and travel. Very inspiring!

Current Trends in 2018 that will make you Think and Want.

Remember, the best advice I can give any client is to choose a particular theme and stick to it. Again, focus! Do not shift your mind to additional ideas. Select, be Proud and be Confident.

Work within your choice and explore all possibilities. This will also benefit the overall budget and save you some $$$. Yes, your fiancé is smiling now!

Lets BEGIN with THEMES...excited?

1) My ultimate favourite is MODERN with a touch of ROMANCE... black and whites, detailing to include Metallics or Copper tones (one not both) transparency, clean lines and incorporating MARBLE via stationary per say.

2) JEWELS - ruby, amethyst, sapphire, emeralds with a touch of velvet and possibly incorporating a POP colour such as yellow. An upgrade to Boho theme? Yup

3) PANTONE's Color of the Year "ULTRA VIOLET" - how cool? How about taking this colour and the entire palette to a whole new level. Bridesmaids dresses - same style, different shades. Unique!

4) Another favourite, still a continuing trend from 2017....PERSONALIZATION but take it up a notch. Design a logo or BRAND for your event. Incorporate this staple into EVERYTHING possible - napkins, menu cards, invitations, aisle runners, a lighting effect as a backdrop or bring it to the dance floor. Infinite options. Embrace the creativity!

It doesn't matter what theme you choose... It should be aspiring, meaningful and intuitive.

ADVICE - just make it YOU!

Till next time...


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